Tim Bader

Oktober / October - 2019

Universität der Künste Berlin

Master of Arts


The backpack can be completely redesigned by using 3D-printing and Tailored Fiber Placement as production methods.

What is the Topic?

The aim is to design a individually configured product for circular economy and use resources, like materials, innovative production methods and manpower the best way, right from the start of development.

Why does it look like this?

The backpack is produced only using Additive Manufacturing technologies. That means every millimeter of the material is precisely placed to the right spot to deliver the desired function. That creates completely new aesthetics.

What is special?

The backpack is individually adjustable in size, color, functionality and anatomical fit by using a generative online configurator. There is no waste produced during additive manufacturing, it is 100% recyclable and comprises the Cradle-To-Cradle-method.

What is new?

The holistic approach of combining the design process, the production methods, the usage and material recovery has never been made before for such an object.