Projekt Frischholz

Anna Koppmann

April / April - 2021

Universität der Künste Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


In the course of climate change, hundreds of thousands of trees have fallen victim to pests or climatic events in recent years. But it is not only the forest as an ecosystem that suffers from the drastic changes, but also the entire value chain. Forest owners in particular are facing major challenges: Sawmills are overloaded and timber prices have dramatically decreased. The "Projekt Frischholz" offers the opportunity to process locally harvested damaged wood while it is still moist into durable solid wood furniture by using simple manufacturing methods and tools. The connection, based on tension, allows the natural transformation of the wood. This eliminates the need for conventional artificial drying of the raw material before it is processed. The simple and immediate processing saves costs and energy, and it allows as much damaged wood as possible to be removed from the forest and processed in a short time.