Dario Jérôme Dammé

Juli / July - 2019

Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


FOCUS is a grill for the gentle preparation of herbal food. It is about making cooking on an open fire in the context of community barbecues more attractive for a vegetarian lifestyle. The differences in the process of preparation were a guiding principle for the production of the prototype and its functions. The combination of fireproof ceramic vessels and two different heat zones in the vertically stackable Smoker Grill are the result of this new approach to vegetarian cooking over an open fire.

What is the Topic?

The aim of the work was to enable a variety of methods for preparing vegetarian food over an open fire. The draft was preceded by an analysis of eating habits and a critical examination of developments in food supply. The draft focused on techniques for preparation in ceramic vessels and cooking in hot smoke. This made it possible to make meatless grilling more attractive.

Why does it look like this?

The design is based on the smoked grills of the southern United States, the so-called smokers. The prerequisites were to design a cooking area for preparing dishes for 2-4 people and a sustainable choice of materials in stainless steel and wood. A durable, timeless object was to be designed, which would be integrated into the household as an artefact in its own right and not be kept hidden away seasonally. Ball halves are ideal as a fireplace and provide the basis for the cylindrical structure.

What is special?

The dishes are prepared, seasoned and prepared in the ceramic pots. In the upper part of the grill the food can then be slowly cooked with little heat. All parts are put together and the food is cooked for at least 45min - 90min. This way, the cook takes a passive and waiting role, because on a common heat zone, not several different pieces of meat are fried at the same time, but the vegetables are slowly smoked and cooked in the individual smokers of the grill.

What is new?

FOCUS makes the vegetables a star on the grid!