Julia Ruchatz

Januar / January - 2020

Hochschule Hannover

Bachelor of Arts


ATTACH is a combination of backpack and bicycle bag. Both bags can be carried in combination on the back and also transported disassembled on a bicycle rack. It is made up with two bags, each with a capacity of 15 litres.

What is the Topic?

How can society be positively influenced by a product? This was my core question in the topic selection for my bachelor thesis. In the end, the focus was on cycling. Why riding a bicycle? In bicycle-friendly cities the quality of life increases remarkably. Many areas are traffic-calmed - where cars used to park, children now play on the widened sidewalks. Noise levels decrease and air quality improves. Older and physically limited people in particular feel safer on the road thanks to the decelerated traffic. Why don't people use the bicycle more often? In interviews I found out that users are annoyed when the bike does not fit smoothly into their everyday life, e.g. when they are transporting groceries. Backpacks can hamper while riding and bike bags are not easy to carry. ATTACH solves these problems, makes people use their bikes more often and has a positive social impact.

Why does it look like this?

ATTACH had to meet a number of requirements, in particular it had to be functional and yet have a smooth shape that would not get stuck anywhere while cycling. Both compartments are slim cut so that it does not stick out too far from the back when carried as a backpack.

What is special?

The special thing about ATTACH is that no additional equipment is needed to convert the bag into a backpack. With the help of the bicycle hooks the first bag is hooked into the hanger of the second. A strap then securely connects the two bags to form a backpack. The belt secures the carrying system during the ride. In other words: the equipment is installed directly and is used for either one or the other function, depending on its use.

What is new?

There are already bike backpacks on the market, but these can only be attached to one side of the bike. This creates an imbalance and makes it difficult to ride a bicycle with a loaded bag. In addition, bicycle hooks for attaching to the rack are not properly protected when carried. In many cases the hooks are then located under a too thin padding directly in the back. In addition to that, the conversion of these backpacks often takes several minutes and additional equipment is necessary, which has to be taken along every time. These problems are solved in the ATTACH. With its two equally sized pockets, the weight can be perfectly balanced on both sides of the rack. Its simple combination with the bike hooks allows you to change over in seconds in just three steps. By using the bicycle hooks inside the backpack combination, ATTACH has a normal ergonomic back system.