Elena Thalia Scholz

Februar / February - 2020

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Bachelor of Arts


Prana is a round shaped Porcelain lamp that emits warm pulsing light that guides through a breathing exercise.

What is the Topic?

The evening ritual and its impact on the quality of our sleep and thus quality of life is the topic here. We live in a fast and breathless society. Oftentimes we forget to reflect on the essence of our own existence. Like a mirror the object shows " I breathe, therefore I am." Preferably used as an evening ritual, Prana helps to improve the nights sleep and promotes a more balanced Lifestyle. In this work the main conceptual focus was to create added value by guiding the user to recharge his/her batteries and feel more centered. The loss of the evening ritual should also be counteracted.

Why does it look like this?

The fine relief in the porcelain was manually implemented through my own breathing while turning plaster. This way the theoretical concept is directly translated into the design. Making the plaster mold precedes pouring the porcelain. The circle shape is the most calming and harmonious shape, that's why I chose it. The warm color of the light is supposed to enhance the calming effect, as studied show orange shades in fact do.

What is special?

The Porcelain with its relief is special, because it poetically shows my own breathing translated into a hard material. Also special is the aspect of helping to reconnecting to your essence through a ritual.

What is new?

New is the combination of applied arts and a technical solution for a contemporary problem.