Photography Imagery Object

Photography as the Starting Point in Design

Kübra Nur Temiz

März / March - 2023

Staatliche Akademie für Bildende Künste Stuttgart



“Photography Imagery Objects” focuses on reinterpreting the use of photography in the design process. Photography, primarily used as a tool for visualising and communicating the end product, is often seen as a background activity. The “Objects” are seen as a form of celebrating the intersection between the two acts and creating a balance between two creative fields. Using many techniques, such as computational design and AI-generated images, 3D textures and patterns have been created using characteristics of the source photographs, such as hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, and grain. “Photographic Scapes” is a rug that was made utilising the topography of a landscape photograph taken at Kirchheim Teck, in Germany, to create patterns using different heights that were derived from the image. The reflective mirror was made to reflect the symbolic components of portrait photography and the act of viewing of the self by using the first ever self-portrait photographed by Robert Cornelius.