Pharmacum – Design als gesellschaftspolitisches Medium in trüben Zeiten

Antonia Fuchs

Juni / June - 2018

Fachhochschule Potsdam


The Pharmacum collection is a series of fine jewelry pieces, that deals with our different soul conditions. Defined as Antidepressiva or Tranquilizer, they lift our soul out of the depression or calm us down in stressfull everyday life. The individual medication creates a characteristic look for every customer.

What is the Topic?

Rarely before have the trends in fashion and design been as conflicting as today. Non-standard extravagances oppose a sustainable minimalism. In the current fashion world the organically grown minimalism appears to be pestered by opulent defiance. Pharmacum deals with that phenomenon.

Why does it look like this?

The well-being of our soul has its ups and downs. Besides yearning for the great things in life, we look for small moments of happiness in our everyday life. The little sparkle within our routine. If possible, the sparkle is not exhausted in a brief moment but persists as a constant companion in our life. This idea dictates the message of the Pharmacum Collection.

What is special?

The Pharmacum Collection identifies and interprets the classical objects of our desires as therapeutic assistance and puts them in a modern yet timeless context. The Collection satisifies our needs for colour, gleam and extravagance and thus renounces superficial pomp with a deeper meaning.

What is new?

The Pharmacum Collection does not seek to create something new, but rather excels through traditional craftsmanship and the sustainability of its used materials. It is about companions for life that impress less through innovation but with conscientious use of luxury.