Concept for the Immediate Containment of Space Debris Following a Satellite Collision in Low Earth Orbit

Konstantin Goertz

Februar / February - 2023

Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaft und Kunst Hildesheim

Master of Arts


The increase in space debris, especially in low earth orbit, poses a serious risk to spaceflight. Satellite collisions pose the threat of cascading fragment dispersal: Kessler Syndrome. In this thesis, the timely containment of debris after a satellite collision was investigated. For this purpose, a modular satellite cluster equipped with sophisticated Whipple shields was designed. These special shields are already used in spaceflight to protect space stations from minor impacts. The satellite cluster is partially perforated by the collision with the fragments, so that the debris is captured between the multiple layers of the shield and removed from orbit. My work is not only a conceptual exploration of space debris, but also serves to give a visual presence to theoretical research in the field of spaceflight.