OFORUM Lebensmittelnahversorgung aus Stadt und Umland. / OFORUM City Region Food System.

Sophie Dilg, Michael Brummer

Mai / May - 2021

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


OFORUM, is the vision of a space that embodies the heart of a decentralized local supply network of the city. Founded by the city's residents themselves, OFORUM is a coherent system of values, people and new practices that form the basis of a food cycle and a conscious food culture. It is the engine of the city and at the same time the productive area that manifests itself in architecture. It combines tradition and innovation, as well as people of different socioeconomic status. By linking the areas of food, living, working and education, a complex is created that reflects the compact urban city. Settlement structures with mixed functions and short distances are able to create a future-proof urban form. The sustainable supply of the city with high-quality food from the surrounding area is the core of OFORUM. At the same time, a place for social participation and co-determination is to be created that promotes conscious and healthy living in the lively neighborhood.