neue Urne

Max Nissen

Februar / February - 2021

Fachhochschule Potsdam

Bachelor of Arts


When we face the question of the future of our political life, we must also think about the responsibility we shoulder with the development and execution of democratic processes. The "neue Urne" is my design development of the neglected social and democratic symbol of the ballot box. It is intended to draw attention to both political participation and the practical processes of voting. It was especially important for me to create an object with recognition value and aesthetic quality, which expresses the values of democracy, without giving preference to a political opinion. Translucency is therefore one of the central elements of my design. In addition to its ritualistic role, my design also solves practical problems of the electoral process that have been neglected so far. Furthermore security and an intuitive handling were of central importance. The new urn is an update that was long overdue.