MOOTBOX – Mobile Outdoor Trolley

Tobias Spiess

August / August - 2020

Ostbayrische Technische Hochschule Regensburg

Bachelor of Arts


The Mootbox is a kitchen unit tailored for private use with a standing table function. The module developed offers the greatest possible mobility, as its compact design means that it can easily fit in a vehicle and can be transported on foot or by bicycle as required with the help of a train system. In this way, the kitchen is brought into the public space in a mobile form and a meeting place is created that promotes social interaction. Above all, however, this street food kitchen is intended to create a place that promotes interaction and contributes to a healthy society. Food is commonly seen as the easiest way to generate connections with each other. The Mootbox is not only a practical commodity, but also a contribution to a more open, tolerant and communicative society.