Mobile Ring – die Picknicschale und die Partyschale

Dingqi Chen

Juli / July - 2018

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle


"Mobile Ring" are two porcelain rings with surprising functions: the big ring can be balanced on the knee, the head... at a picnic for food servicing, to replace the disposable plates. At parties, the small ring is settled on the neck of a drinking bottle, to free one hand useable.

What is the Topic?

The topic is to design a mobile porcelain product, which creates a surprising interaction with the users, in order to awake the interest and love of everyday household porcelain. It focuses on the function improvement, to also fulfill the need of to-go products, where the users enjoy the fun of porcelain using. The mobility in this application can, at the same time, replace the ecologically harmful disposable tableware by using in nature.

Why does it look like this?

At a picnic, there is usually without a table. People hold the plate with hand or put it on the legs when sitting on the ground. Most of the design on the bottom part of porcelain tableware doesn't support this application. And to put the plate on the ground will also attract insects. I started my design from different possibilities of porcelain bottoms and try to put the plate on the body or some supports. Therefore, the ring-shaped plates were created and they can be settled on the knee when sitting in nature or on the bottle at standing parties.

What is special?

"Mobile Ring" has a surprising and unusual ring-shaped bottom. The ring-shaped plates can be used in certain situations: at a picnic or a standing party. Even if there is without a table, the plates can be settled on the body or the drinking bottle very stable. This creative handling raises the mobility of porcelain tableware and improved a playful interaction with the user, where people find joys by using daily-products. The cover of "touch" raises the friction between the plate and body. It helps the plate fix stabler on the knee or on the bottle but erases the noise between the objects.

What is new?

The ring-shaped plate can be taken everywhere. The structure of the product makes it easy, stable and easy to hold. People can also use a rope, to carry the bag like a bag. The sealing of the plate protects the food inside of the plate not falling out and always keep the edge of the plate outside clean. This easy to-go method makes porcelain plate easy and light to be transported and encourages people going out into nature and using environmental material.