Migration of Matter

Cindy Valdez

Oktober / October - 2020

Kunsthochschule Weissensee

Master of Arts


Through 3D printing it is possible to enhance the value of local clay, from Berlin - Brandenburg and its relationship to the land, to be able to migrate the material into new forms, local clay was made more pliable by adding biomaterial for 3D printing. Different glazes from the local soil and organic residues such as potato peels were developed for a functional 3D printed dinnerware. This work is a link between modern technology and sustainable philosophy. Through the combination of parametric design and 3D printing it is possible to generate new aesthetics that very precisely follow the forms of nature. This makes possible a new interpretation of nature. In particular, the transformation of food shapes that can communicate strongly to us through Parametric Design and produce each element of the dinnerware as unique. Biodiversity shapes can create a unique area where design and gastronomy can come together.