Lucas Verweij

Lucas Verweij

Lecas Verweij Engages in all sorts of design activities. He writes, speaks and teaches about it; and is interested in social and product design, design thinking and design art. He is aninitiator and moderator of many projects and workshops in the field. He has published columns for Dezeen, written a book (The Designfactor with Haystack Press) as well as essays on the topic.


  • Born 1965.
  • Lived in Rotterdam
  • Lives in Berlin now


  • Chairman of ‘grant programme of Design’, creative industries fund NL (since 17)
  • Manager at Rotterdam Design platform. (s. 07)
  • Moderator and Publicist for Jongeriuslab, Berlin (s. 11)
  • Teacher (design) at Design Academy Eindhoven.


  • Guestprofessor Kunsthochschule Weißensee and Universität der Kunste Berlin (11-13)
  • Dean of Academy for Architecture and Urban Design, Rotterdam (05-09)
  • Manager at Premsela, foundation for Dutch design (02-05)
  • Initiator ‘Pruys – Bekaert program’ for design critical writing (15)
  • Founder of Design Platform Rotterdam. (07-)


  • De Designfactor, Hystack publishers (223 pag,) (16)
  • Serie of columns on Dezeen (the designbubble, problems in designeducation)(15-)
  • Huig, two-yearly magazine for Architecture and Urban Design (#05-08)
  • ‘Ein Bild sagt weniger als 1000 Worte’ essay for Braun Feldweg preis (12)