Ein Küchentischworkshop / a kitchen table workshop

Sayoon Yang

Juli / July - 2021

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Bachelor of Arts


"Welcome to the Anthropocene kitchen! - The LOOPTOOLS series includes 4 pieces of functional cooking tools, which will be needed for every meal time. This Set is ideal for supplementing the existing kitchen equipment for all hobby cooks." The human made changes are already on our dining table and will get attention through the workshop with the LOOPTOOLS. For example, the CO2 emission caused the acidification of the oceans, nuclear weapons testing made radioactive dust spreading around the world, micro plastic particles are everywhere and we witness the extinction of species everyday. This 4-piece cooking utensil sets are from a distopyc future scenario asks us : Do we really want to live in such a future? Or can we make a decision for small actions in everyday life to prevent such a scenario. Let's imagine and make different futures with this kitchen table workshop kit. - more info : www.looptools.studio