Traveller Between the Worlds

Marc Faulhaber

studiokurbos GmbH

Februar / February - 2023

Hochschule Pforzheim

Master of Arts


By connecting both the real world and its digital extension, the KUCO concept created a car sharing solution where users don’t need to sacrifice the feeling of owning a car. The “KUCO”, which is also available as a digital NFT, enables buyers to explore the virtual world in different ways. Modern technologies such as “E-Ink” and smart materials enable the shared vehicle to mirror the digital appearance of the KUCO NFT in the real world. A modular system optimises energy storage and offers individual customisation options in both worlds. This concept allows multiple users to enjoy the feeling of car ownership while conserving resources and optimising production. KUCO is a sustainable transport sharing solution that retains the luxury of individual transport and makes travel between worlds possible.