Manual intervention in the industrial production process and industrial material

Manual Intervention in the Industrial Production Process and Industrial Material

Zhihua Cui

Mai / May - 2023

Kunsthochschule Kassel



The project is based on the principle that it is more sustainable to use existing, semi-finished products and that these can be easily replaced and repaired.It describes a creative practice of working with common materials by hand or modifying traditional industrial processes to create unique structures, surface textures, shapes or styles. The materials researched were commonly used industrial semi-finished products.I studied the properties of plastic pipes and created special textures and structures through manual processing. Based on those, similar structures were made on other materials such as steel, which created a stable and unique “knot” structure. Ultimately tubular steel was chosen and the "knot" structure was used to design a coat rack that can be easily disassembled. It consists of low-tech steel tubes with a "knot" structure and six wooden sticks.