Yannik Rohloff

Dezember / December - 2020

Universität der Künste Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


Keyframe is designed to guarantee a long life of the materials and parts of the furniture system. When choosing materials, I looked for durability and recyclability. When choosing wood, I deliberately decided against using certified woods, as certified imported wood often has a higher carbon footprint than woods cut down in Germany. With imported wood materials, on the other hand, I believe that control is essential. This is another reason why, in choosing CDF from Swisskrono, I have chosen a material and a company that produces in a CO2-reduced manner and uses only FSC/PEFC-certified woods. CDF is a material that can be fully integrated into circular economy. All parts can be remanufactured, reused or recycled. This ensures material cycles and the furniture becomes a material depot for the producers.