Soziales Konzept für Stadionsitzplätze / Social stadium seating concept

Valentin Lude

September / September - 2021

Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen

Bachelor of Arts


Junto is an innovative seat design for sporting venues. It transforms grandstands into social meeting places for friends and families. The tip-up seats offer visitors a dynamic seating experience tailored to the excitement and emotions fans go live through at sports events. The hugging backrest in combination with a round seat, unlike existing stadium furniture, do not prescribe a forward facing posture. The result is freedom of movement encouraging the interaction between the fans in an intuitive and natural way while offering a high level of comfort. Looking at a row of seats the backrests merge into one leaving the impression of sitting on a park bench. The central mounting construction ensures easy cleaning and maintenance of areas frequently touched by spectators.