Next movable storage space Concept Design


Grammer AG

Februar / February - 2022

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Bachelor of Arts


Breaking away from the inflexibility of the existing storage space in the center console of the vehicle and integrating the mobility of the travel case into the center console to provide users with improved portable storage space. Are you using the space in your car efficiently? Isn't it inconvenient to put everyday things in the car and take them out again? And how often do you use suitcases in your whole life? Once a year? twice ? The suitcases spend most of their time in our warehouse. Suitcase ? center console? Suitcase = center console My suggestion is the moveable and detachable center console. Now you can dock the case in the car and use it as a center console. Project name IRIS, which comes from the name of God's messenger. Personified as a rainbow, she serves as a bridge between heaven and earth. She sends messages to people through the rainbow. I hope that Project IRIS also plays a role in delivering and making portable what people need, with iris flower language "Good news, pass it well".