Light & shadow in terms of jewelry & product

Carolin Cécile Hillebrand

Juli / July - 2022

Hochschule Düsseldorf

Bachelor of Arts


In my bachelor thesis, I dealt with light and shadow and intensively studied the contrasts of light & dark, warm & cold, light source and shadow play. I took my inspiration from architecture and minerals and thus transferred my lines and shapes into jewelry and product. The shadow play is a design element aswell as a design feature of my work. The individual elements of the mobile are built in two dimensions. The shadow cast has a specific depth and thus has a three-dimensional effect. With my collection, I want to positively influence people's feelings and direct their thoughts so that they can enjoy the shadow and the play of light. The shadow cast by the jewelry creates a kind of "showpieces". The jewelry is very minimalist and finely crafted. Through the shadow cast projections are created, which make the jewelry appear larger.