Concept for a life support evacuation incubator for premature babies

Viktoria Ferderer

März / March - 2023

Hochschule Hannover

Bachelor of Arts


Every tenth child is born prematurely. Due to their immaturity, they require intensive care, which can be challenging in emergency situations. That is where the Incube comes in - specifically designed for evacuation purposes, with the aim of keeping premature infants alive and enabling their transport. The life-support systems ensure that the child is supplied with oxygen and warmth. Thanks to the Incube’s compact size and low weight, only one person is needed for transportation. When not in use, the acrylic hood can be lowered over the incubator base, which reduces its overall size by approximately half. With its compact design, the Incube is not only particularly space-saving, but can also be stacked and stored efficiently. The Incube offers versatility and efficiency, making it an important tool in emergency situations. With its unique features, it can contribute to saving the lives of premature infants.