Paula Schinkel

März / March - 2021

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Bachelor of Arts


The modern person spends more and more time in front of the screen. We are always online, always available, always up-to-date. HOLD gives you a hands-on activity to give you a break from the visual overstimulation of the digital world. A moment to be mindful and reflect. The project finds inspiration in the idea of the traditional tea ceremony. HOLD is meant to motivate people to take time, to pause and to relax. By concentrating on the handling, new experiences are created, tactile awareness is practiced and the unconscious, everyday action of drinking is focused on. In its sculptural appearance, the porcelain set finds its place next to the computer screen on the work desk. HOLD consists of a porcelain set of jug, cup and saucer and a tea towel as surface. On the digital level, the HOLD app functions as an alarm clock to remind you to take a break after a self-determined time.