Thinking Holistically, Living Systemically

Marina Koch

Juli / July - 2022

Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg

Bachelor of Arts


HOLBO questions furniture in the classical sense. The aim is to redesign furnishings and create a system that people can live in and with. A furnishing system that adapts to changing circumstances and gives residents the opportunity to redesign their furnishings as often as they like. This extraordinary flexibility is achieved especially when the holistic idea is exploited to the full and there is actually no other furniture. HOLBO can just as easily be integrated into existing furnishings as a cupboard, wardrobe or corner bench. Through this flexibility and adaptability, I want to extend the useful life of furniture. In the future, people should not buy new furniture for new circumstances, but adapt the system to the situation. HOLBO becomes a system through the double dovetail connector. This connects the individual boxes to form furnishing systems and makes it possible to attach and mount numerous add-ons.