Hip Exo

User-Centred Design and Realisation of a Soft Exosuit to Support the Thigh Muscles

Martin Schumann

Prof. Lorenzo Masia (ARIES Lab Universität Heidelberg)

Oktober / October - 2022

Technische Universität Dresden



The basis of my work was the “Exosuit HipExo” from the Aries Lab at the University of Heidelberg. The device has two motors which can support the thighs in their movement via a Bowden cable. To create an adapted prototype, I examined frequently occurring complaints in connection with the thigh musculature in conversation with physiotherapists and analysed existing exoskeletons and exosuits with regard to their application scenario and their user-friendliness. A subsequent comparison with the existing functionalities of the Hip Exo finally revealed the application of the exosuit as a training device for the 70+ generation. During an accompanying process, I examined the current status of the Hip Exo for weaknesses and developed a further functional prototype. The resulting findings regarding technical feasibility were transferred into a digital model of the Hip Exo and adapted to the defined application scenario.