Imkerei in Zeiten des dreidimensionalen Drucks/Beekeeping in the age of three-dimensional printing

Sebastian Dukat

November / November - 2021

Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen

Master of Arts


Universal Open Source Safety Gear for the future of beekeeping. The number of people interested in the topic of beekeeping is increasing. But many of the young beekeepers are initially overwhelmed and frightened by the sheer mass of bees. The interest is there, but the implementation often fails right from the start because there is a lack of cheap, easily accessible protective equipment. This is exactly where "Hexagon" comes in. The mask is designed based on early beekeeping and uses the now widespread 3D printing technology for production. "Hexagon" can be used in a standard hoodie that everyone has at home and converts it into a beekeeping suit. Thanks to 3D printing, the mask can be produced anywhere there is a suitable 3D printer, all you need to print is the open source file. With "Hexagon" a new era dawns. She is shrill, striking and fits right into the next generation of beekeepers.