Handwerkerauto der Zukunft

Gennadiy Gershanovych

März / March - 2021

Ostbayrische Technische Hochschule Regensburg

Bachelor of Arts


Ideally, a balance must be found between aesthetics, functionality, usability, user-friendliness and environmental friendliness in order to make the profession fit for the future through the craftsman's car. The facts of the case gave the impulse to solve this problem and to relieve the craftsmen*s handling of the car and to make the craftsmen's car as a whole more attractive and exciting. The reduction of physical and psychological stress related to the craftsman's car should then have a positive effect on the entire work process and the appearance should increase interest in this profession. The elaboration is based on professional expertises and includes own analyses from the observer's perspective. The result is a design that combines the technical features and their advantages from different spheres and unites them in an aesthetic, functional, user and environmentally friendly way. The interaction with the car arouses enthusiasm in the craftsman and, together with the external appearance, interest is aroused in outside observers.