Granitsystemmöbel 1

Arne Soltau und Stefan Knauf

April / April - 2018

Universität der Künste Berlin


A dining table with seats from granite and bronze, put together through an innovative design system which makes the heavy and roughly split slabs from granite accessible and usable. It floats on a construction system of detachable bronze elements.

What is the Topic?

We work with the redundancy of artificial problems in design questions. Artificial solutions for artificial problems manage the consumerist index. We highlight this problem and lead it to absurdity to enable the viewers reflexivity.

Why does it look like this?

The massive weights becomes invisible through the dezentral verticals, the installation becomes visually lighter. The naturally split surface contrasts with the technical and systematical construction of the support structure.

What is special?

It is a furniture system. It is to recombine and stretch endlessly. Due to the high weight and the arising conflicts the term system is regarded in a critical manner. It becomes absurd. The rough structure of the stone is made usable through the design gesture of placing bronze platforms to create punctually even areas. The are not flexible and fit in one place only in the topography of the stone.

What is new?

The roughly split slabs is a waste material which does not allow any use. To acknowledge the nature of the material and its handling this contrast becomes accessible. The useless surface becomes precious.