Gender is an imitation for which there is no original


Lee Kern

April / April - 2023

Universität der Künste Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


“Gender” is an elaborate and often repressive construction. One look on the internet is enough to encounter long instructions on how to manufacture masculinity or femininity. Gender is not a neutral fact, it is a categorization we make about people and their bodies which comes with expectations about appearance, character, and sexuality. “Gender is an Imitation for Which There is no Original” is a creative deconstruction of normative and binary understandings of gender. Based on the deliberate misunderstanding of instructions on masculinity and femininity, a visually fluid cosmos develops. Subversive, queer counter-designs take the place of normative gender roles, offering new, performative understandings of the body, self-care, and expression. (Title: indirect quote Judith Butler)