Garden Fences

Do Fences Make Good Neighbours?

Svenja Kissmer

Juli / July - 2022

Hochschule Pforzheim

Bachelor of Arts


Based on the garden fence, the work addresses the question of how the design of borders influences the way we live and coexist. Inspired by the cell membrane, the world's first and smallest fence, permeability appears as a key property of life-enhancing border design. A utopia in which property space becomes a neutral space for all to use is impossible to realise while the garden fence is used, as it will always remain attached to the rigid system of land ownership. Instead of a garden fence concept, the design of an interactive light installation enables the experience of permeable borders and provides an instrument for thinking about how we structure and use spaces - from garden fences to national borders. The work both increases awareness of designing everyday objects that reflect social requirements and, at the same time, provides a design commentary on the current state of world affairs in terms of territorial conflicts and border debates.