Entwicklung der nachhaltigen Möbelmanufaktur Fuchs & Habicht GmbH / Development of the sustainable furniture manufacturer Fuchs & Habicht GmbH

Sascha Fabian Kleczka - Diplom Systemdesign Leonhard Berger - Diplom Industriedesign

März / March - 2022

Kunsthochschule Kassel



In the course of our partner diploma "Development of the sustainable furniture manufacturer Fuchs & Habicht GmbH" our company "FUCHS & HABICHT" was created in the past two years. Our company's goal is to leave a positive mark by developing a social enterprise with an egalitarian management style and durable products. Together with our team, consisting of diverse and very creative minds from different backgrounds, we create products for living and working spaces that inspire joy and well-being to allow space for free thinking. Our furniture collection "DICKICHT" impresses with a puristic, elegant design. The products stand for sustainability, healthy material cycles, strengthen craftsmanship and leave a positive CO2 footprint. Our team is international, the raw materials used are national and everything is created from the design to the product in our workshop in Ahnatal near Kassel.