Fontana della terazza sul lago, allegro molto

Wer verplant die Planung? / Who is messing up the plan?

Tina Henkel

September / September - 2021

Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg

Bachelor of Arts


The installation 'Fontana della terrazza sul lago, allegro molto' shows a critical examination of the current discussion about the demolition of the Cafe Seeterrassen in the Hamburg park Planten un Blomen. The planning process, which was conducted closed to the public, was transferred to the HFBK for the duration of the Graduate Show. Three different models, which mean less a true-to-scale scaling than an attempt to make feelings, positions of power, the bizarre and the horrific of the park's history visible, corresponded on the HFBK forecourt. The Café Seeterrassen was shown in the form of a cake model, the water light games adjacent to the Café Seeterrassen were recreated as an atmospheric moment from a pool and fountains, and a movable wall linked the park's founding to the time of National Socialism. With the kind support of the Friends of the HFBK e.V.