Monique Dahl (she/her)
Gina Hartig (she/her)

März / March - 2021

Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle

Bachelor of Arts


Float is a vending machine for mental health. Available to the public around the clock, it provides fast and affordable emergency help in dealing with everyday emotional crises. The 24 "Mental Treats" contained, consisting of objects and guided exercises, support the users in their emancipatory self-therapy and conscious activation of their own resources. Learn to give strong emotions such as stress or fear time and space and prevent mental illnesses. The Treats are therapy products which offer solutions and approaches, tips and lifelong tools that are individually tailored to one's own emotional state. While they cannot replace therapy, they demonstrate a wide range of help and perspectives for mental distress. Coming along as a conventional vending machine and thus everywhere locatable, float is a plea for the destigmatization and visualization of mental health. Treat yourself!