Extended reality in corporate training

Didactic and Design Training Concept for the Comparison of Immersive and Non-Immersive Learning

Lisa Renz

Trainingscenter vom Siemens Mobility GmbH (Braunschweig)

Februar / February - 2023

Hochschule Magdeburg Stendal

Master of Arts


Corporate training with new digital training formats in “Extended Reality” (XR) faces various challenges: investments, content offerings and establishment in the company are required. Although several studies have demonstrated a positive effect when learning in XR, companies still lack practical examples and recommendations for action. That was the starting point of this master thesis, which developed an interactive training for a point machine on screen and in virtual reality and compared the learning experiences of employees using scientific scales. For this purpose, a didactic and design training concept was created and technically implemented. In several user studies, the applications were examined for their user-friendliness and learning experience. On one hand, the results showed a positive effect on the learning experience of the employees. On the other hand, approaches for adaptation in other companies need to be identified.