Exhibition Team 2019

Exhibition Team 2019

The exhibition design as well as the realization was realized by students of the FH Potsdam under the direction of Prof. Hermann Weizenegger.

Exhibition Design:
Christopher Kötting

As a trained media designer and assistant for construction and production technology, Christopher Kötting works with passion at the interface between design and technology, where he harmonises creativity, functionality and implementation.

Since 2017, the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam has provided him with a further training facility and, at the same time, his workplace: During his studies as a product designer, he worked ambitiously on his own projects and further developed his skills, which he currently proves as a tutor for CNC milling, and in the past as a student assistant for 3D printing and print media.

Christopher is particularly fascinated by minimalism and innovative solutions. His design philosophy follows the motto: “Less but better”.

Together with Lukas Uhlitz, Christopher designed and planned the exhibition furniture ‘Torii’ for the German Design Graduates Show.

instagram / christopherkoetting

Exhibition Design:
Lukas Uhlitz

Lukas Uhlitz is a trained media designer in media and print who started his studies in product design at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences in 2017. In addition to his studies, he also works there as a tutor for 3D printing and realizes his own projects in connection with various CNC machines.

In his designs he combines functionality, minimalism and aesthetics to create durable products. He follows his design philosophy: “Timeless design created by simplicity”.

In cooperation with Christopher Kötting, he designed and realized the exhibition system “Torii” in summer 2019, which will be used at this year’s “German Design Graduates” show.

behance / l_uhlitz

Szenographie and implementation planning:
Constantin Schmidt

After more than 5 years of practical work experience in the fields of wood and metal construction engineering and a subsequent training as a technical product design assistant, he decided to turn his passion for creativity into a profession

Since 2017, he has been studying product design at Potsdam University of Applied Sciences to discover new and extraordinary technologies for future-oriented design and for himself. Light and its affinity to technology play a major role in his life as a budding designer.

In collaboration with Hermann Weizenegger, he developed the scenography for the German Design Graduates Show 2019 in order to present the exhibits in a worthy manner

Fachbereich Wald und Umwelt
Prof. Dreiner © HNEE/Ulrich Wessollek
Fachbereich Holzingenieurswesen; Otto Smentek; (rechts) mitTassilo Goldmann im Technikum an der HNEE © HNEE/Ulrich Wessollek

Production of exhibition furniture:
HNEE – Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development

The exhibition design as well as the production of the exhibition furniture will be designed by a team of students from the FH Potsdam under the direction of Prof. Hermann Weizenegger. The exhibition furniture will be produced in the HNE Eberswalde workshops with a team of students from various universities led by Prof. Klaus Dreiner.

Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development

  • Otto Smentek, Student assistant workshop
  • Prof. Dreiner, workshop manager

University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

  • Constantin Schmidt
  • Dominik Glezer 
  • Lukas Schmidt-Weigant

University of the Arts Berlin

  • Leon Kucharski 

Bauhaus University Weimar

  • Mariella Didonato

Department of Wood Engineering

The Department of Wood Engineering deals with the technology of wood processing. Taking into account the versatility of the material, we deliberately avoid one-sided emphasis. Solid wood products and derived timber products are treated equally. Novel and innovative techniques are of particular importance. We have a holistic view of wood as a material. Biology, physics, chemistry and technology are equally important for the appropriate treatment of materials. We are committed to teaching the basics and special subjects of wood engineering. We impart the basic data, facts and working methods in order to develop methods for practical problem solving. Our teaching is practice-oriented and based on a tried and tested mixture of basic technical knowledge and methodology. Specific working methods from the respective disciplines are trained using concrete examples in the laboratory or pilot plant.

Eberswalde University of Sustainable Development
Department of Wood Engineering

Exhibition construction:

Constantin Schmidt
FH Potsdam

Herr Jovanovic Kunstgewerbemuseum
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Martin Fenske
UdK Berlin

Marlies Wieking
FH Potsdam

Isabel Helena Redecke
FH Potsdam

Tillman Vanhöf
UdK Berlin

Esmeè Willemsen
UdK Berlin

About Dean Weigand

Dean Weigand was born and raised in Saarbrücken, near the French border. After training as a carpenter and graduating from high school in the field of design, he began his studies in product design at the Saar University of Fine Arts in 2016. Under the direction of Prof. Mark Braun and Prof. Katrin Greiling, he has completed six semesters in industrial and interior design.

In 2017/18 he was a scientific assistant to Prof. Mark Braun and gained insights into university organizational matters such as exhibition organization and the administration of the work studio. In 2019 he was accepted into the German National Academic Foundation and gained further practical experience by working in the design studio of Hermann August Weizenegger in Berlin.

Implementation and transport

The GDG’s supports Dean Weigand in the area of logistics and exhibition implementation.