Valentin Bufler

Dezember / December - 2020

Universität der Künste Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


„elements“ is a modular kitchen based on the principles of universal design. Therefore it can also be used by people who have difficulties using a standardized kitchen. It consists of a basic module that can be equipped with drawers as well as a cabinet with a built-in paternoster system. The shelves can be retrieved by using a strap on the front of the cabinet. This enables the use of otherwise inaccessible storage space. The work surfaces correspond to the three activities: washing, preparing and cooking. The entire kitchen system is attached to U-profiles on the wall. „elements“ remains flexible even after it has been installed. Working heights can be changed and adjusted, space created and modules can be expanded horizontally and vertically as user needs grow. A system that allows easy changes, grows with you and is customizable and can therefore be used by everyone.