Ein ressourceneffizientes Konzept für Mehrwegverpackungen an Abfüllstationen / A resource-efficient concept for returnable packaging at bulk food stations

Clara Ellguth

März / March - 2021

Bauhaus Universität Weimar

Bachelor of Arts


The lignin-based reusable deposit containers are a realistic packaging alternative at bulk food stations and are a resource-efficient solution for packaging-free shopping. The functional and timeless reusable containers are a sustainable, long-lasting storage alternative for the rental system and a decorative eye-catcher for the home. The stackable, airtight reusable containers are available in four different sizes with modular lids when shopping unpackaged at bulk food stations. Clear color coding helps distinguish between food, cosmetic and cleaning items. The modular screw cap is an important component of the reusable container. Depending on the contents, customers can choose the screw cap. The reusable container at bulk food stations is a proposed solution for rethinking storage containers and contributes to waste avoidance and resource conservation.