Divided by Design

Daphne Braun

April / April - 2021

Fachhochschule Potsdam

Master of Arts


Gender and design are always present and yet it is difficult to deal with them consciously and practically. Gender and gender inequality are not necessarily obvious in design and it takes knowledge of both gender and design to approach this topic. Based on the difficulties designers face when they want to detect gender in design or design in a gender-sensitive way, solutions are needed to get an introduction and an education in this topic. Especially young designers are asked to renegotiate gender in design in a society that potentially wants to break away from old gender stereotypes. In this sense, they have a responsibility to give importance to the combination of gender and design and to incorporate gender equity as an approach into their practice in the long term. The website dividedbydesign.de is intended to be a low-threshold educational tool for this purpose.