Design to recycle – Beständigkeit von Keramik / Design to recycle – durability of ceramics

Interdisziplinärer und agiler Gestaltungsansatz mit kreislauffähigem Entwurf für den Mauerbaubereich / An interdisciplinary and agile design approach including circular design for the masonry construction sector

Nadja Sommer

Forschungsinstitut für Anorganische Werkstoffe – Glas und Keramik aus Höhr-Grenzhausen / Research Institute for Inorganic Materials – Glass and Ceramics from Höhr-Grenzhausen

Juli / July - 2021

Hochschule Pforzheim

Bachelor of Arts


The thesis "Design to recycle – durability of ceramics", was developed together with the "Research Institute for Inorganic Materials - Glass and Ceramics" from Höhr-Grenzhausen. Products should not only be designed for use, but for all areas of the life cycle. The concept was developed on the basis of the bricks, i.e. ceramics. With the help of an interdisciplinary, holistic and agile design approach developed in the course of this thesis, an applicable, cycle-capable design was created for the masonry construction sector. This design is based on a plug-in system for masonry bricks- it is completely deconstructible and directs the focus to the building material and its aesthetic performance spectrum.