Der digitale Mutterpass

Mobile App for Support During and After Pregnancy

Anita Bhuiyan

Oktober / October - 2022

Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach



The digital maternity passport is a mobile app for pregnant women and doctors. It accompanies pregnant women by providing medical information about thebaby’s development and individual health tracking. The app is not only intended for use during pregnancy, but also as aftercare for the mother's physical recovery after birth. It is also intended to provide psychological and emotional support, as many mothers suffer from depression. In addition to the state of mood, the app allows for conscious recording of drinking quantity, number of steps, blood sugar values for gestational diabetes, and blood pressure measurements. Lab values, ultrasound images and technical terms are explained with a single click, so that the maternity passport is comprehensible and user-friendly for parents-to-be. Compared to the analogue version from the 1960s, the digital maternity passport offers a simple and effective way to improve medical care during pregnancy and postpartume and to promote the health of mother & baby.