Dekarbon Sailing – Klimaneutraler Überseetransport / Dekarbon Sailing – Climate neutral ocean shipments

Containerschiffkonzept 2060 / Container ship concept 2060

Fynn Alker

Februar / February - 2022

Hochschule Hannover

Bachelor of Arts


The transport of trade and consumer products is essential for the economy and for people personally. The ocean shipping lane is one of the most important trade routes in the world. The long distances across the world's oceans are covered by thousands of different ships every day. However, the current overseas ships transporting containers or other goods across the seas account for 3 percent of the world's CO2 emissions. Climate change is getting more obvious and visible every year, so it is even more important to reduce and minimize anthropogenic causes of climate change. This concept therefore deals with finding an alternative for the current heavy oil burners, by combining ways to convert wind energy into electrical and kinetic energy. In this way, the design engages with the dimensional problem of sustainable propulsion alternatives and adds to their current potential.