Agnes Kelm

April / April - 2021

Universität der Künste Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


The six objects provide an occasion for a critical examination of performance-oriented action and question common assumptions about the functionality and efficiency of processes. Thus, the focus of their use is not on quickly achieving the result, but above all on the way there. They are deliberately less effective than usual executions, but they enable sensual meditative experiences in everyday life. In a playful way, they thus encourage a decelerated and more conscious activity. When using the brooms, the human being and his own movement are in the foreground. Each of the four brooms enables a different movement - sometimes large, sometimes small, sweeping or light. Playfully, the process of sweeping can be explored. The watering cans are made of glass and emphasize concentrated and attentive handling. The water must make its way through the spout of the jugs, creating serpentine lines and bubbles.