Das Leben der Dinge

David Gebka

Februar / February - 2018

Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart


The life of things is a collection that deals with the interaction between use and thing.

What is the Topic?

"The Life of Things" deals with the change that a thing undergoes through its use. This can take place on different levels. Three designs show the spectrum of change. A series of vessels which flows from one to the next, inviting the user to attribute meaning. A piece of seating furniture that does not correspond to any archetype and thus invites exploration. A surface-supporter that offers the possibility to arrange surfaces at different heights in order to provide individual and spontaneous working and/or storage facilities.

Why does it look like this?

The objects each reference of known materiality and colour. Only their form deviates from the expected and thus opens up new possibilities. The vessels are made of white glazed porcelain. Each one resembles its neighbours, is in the same category. Seen as a whole, the shape changes evolutionarily from a flat tray to plates, bowls, cups, glasses and vases. The seating furniture has a geometrically simple yet complex form. It is fully upholstered. Each orientation is valid and useful, offering different possibilities for interaction. The surface-supporter is made of beech wood. Its dimensions correspond to the usual widths and heights.

What is special?

Where other designers try to predict/target the use of their things, these things are designed to create possibilities. These possibilities deliberately free and invite creative use/abuse. It is precisely this freedom that is special, because it allows/requests a dialogue between user and thing.

What is new?

Through the creative emphasis on freedom of use and the assignment of meaning by the user, each of these objects has in itself the potential to be forever new.