Food preservation cabinet

Randi Köster

März / March - 2023

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


The “conservare” system is based on a simple idea. The box gets a new meaning by being assigned a function. Drawers and shelves are repurposed by making product knowledge public: through simple tricks of the trade, an entire storage system is created that has been proven to keep food fresh longer and preserve it. Whether fruit and vegetables are hanging or lying down, are protected from light or are equipped with ethylene absorbers; all of these aspects were analysed in advance and tailor-made recommendations were made as to the construction of the individual modules. A ventilation system ensures that the food is stored in a dry place and supports the development of evaporative cooling. The conservare cupboard system not only offers storage space but functional space. A system that brings the "food preservation cabinet" onto the market as a completely new product.