Colour and Care – Mensch Bewegung Farbe / Colour and Care – Human Movement Colour


Anna-Louisa Steinbach

September / September - 2021

Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar

Bachelor of Arts


The mobile Visu can be seen as a design element in the room, which, with its colorful figures, is an eye-catcher in poorly stimulating environments such as hospitals. The colourful, gently vibrating elements create a positive atmosphere which is intended to increase the well-being of those affected and stimulate dialogue. Visu can be understood as a means of communication that evokes common memories and associations with its colors and shapes. Furthermore, the interaction with Visu represents a point of reference for relatives in difficult situations and at the same time ensures a varied environment for the person concerned. Not only the diverse variability of Visu, but also viewing from different perspectives enables the discovery of new form and color combinations. In this way, the mobile Visu adapts to both the space and the person, allowing it to become and reflect a part of their personality.