Circular Society Toolkit

A Transformation From the Systems Perspective

Anna Trawnitschek
Benedikt Bandtlow

Hans Sauer Stiftung

November / November - 2022

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

Master of Arts


Our economic system is largely linear in design. The hitherto prevailing production and consumption logic of take, make, waste - also known as a throwaway society - is increasingly reaching planetary impact limits. A Circular Society (CS) poses the abstract question of how circular economy strategies, models, and methods can be combined with the human pursuit of values such as meaning, community, effectiveness and quality of life. The transformation to a CS requires target knowledge, transformation knowledge and skill. This is summarized under the term "circular literacy" and describes the knowledge required to generate, develop and apply skills to take necessary action. Only with the help of circular literacy can the thought patterns and practices of linear society be understood. Accessible design methods are needed to teach the concept, which is why the Circular Society Toolkit was developed. The “Circular Society Toolkit” and its accompanying development process is a product of the collaboration between the Hans Sauer Foundation, Anna Trawnitscheks, and Benedikt Bandtlow. The version at hand was designed in the context of the project sponsored by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) “Roadmap to a Circular Society - A Co-Design Project for the Further Development of the Circular Society in Terms of Content and Organisation”.

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