CIMO – die modulare Citytram

Daniel Rauch

März / March - 2019

Folkwang Universität der Künste


The tram 'CIMO' combines passenger and cargo transport in a modular concept and shows how public transport can work and be expanded in a sustainable future city without individual motorised transport. The cargotram complements urban logistics with rail freight transport.

What is the Topic?

The starting point was the global climate change, the rising emissions in cities and their growing traffic problems. These are largely caused by motorised private transport. Therefore, I decided to develop a sustainable mobility concept for our cities, which led to my design of the modular tram. My tramway CIMO provides concrete new impulses for the design, the possibilities of the use and the modular structure. All that can help make public transport more attractive again and meet the requirements of a new and sustainable infrastructure, a livable city and the wishes and needs of passengers.

Why does it look like this?

The tram design is subdivided into the exterior- and interior design. The modular structure and the use of equal-sized and configurable vehicle segments responds to the demand of cities and transport companies to adapt the railways to their individual needs. This becomes visible in the design. In addition to the new possibilities for use provided by the interior, the concept shows a clear and reduced design through the division and subdivision into large geometric graphics. Modularity, new technologies and durability are in the foreground and are visualized in the design.

What is special?

CIMO shows the versatile potential for trams and public transport of the future. . With its modularity, the railway can be adapted to the requirements and changes of future cities and their traffic systems. The integration and fusion with other transport offers of the local mobility around pedestrians and cyclists, plays a decisive role. With a new interior layout consisting of passenger and multi-purpose compartments, CIMO offers additional space for the comfortable transport of bicycles, prams, wheelchairs and other larger objects. New seating and standing arrangements provide new opportunities for relaxed, interactive or productive city travel. With the Cargotram, idle times, such as at night, are used to offer an additional system for urban freight transport in the growing logistics sector and to further relieve the burden on the roads.

What is new?

In the scenario of a sustainable city without private cars, the tram must take over functions that only the private car has been able to perform so far. The result was a large multi-purpose compartment, but also impulses for a new, unprecedented travel experience in the tram. Augmented reality windows turn the journey into an interactive journey that provides passengers with playful or informative information about places or events on their journey. The workplace of the railway driver is upgraded and with the use of new technologies and a better overview, the profession regains its attractiveness.