Of Bags and People

Lena Bryan

Juli / July - 2022

Staatliche Akademie für Bildende Künste Stuttgart



The bag is one of the oldest utensils of humankind – it contains our personal belongings and the meanings associated with them. It protects them during transport and accompanies us through everyday life in an unobtrusive, helpful way. After a comprehensive analysis of many popular contemporary bag typologies, the peculiarities and unique character traits were incorporated and reinterpreted into a series of four new and practical designs. Practicality, high-quality materials, and durability were just as much a focus of the design as the quality of the sensory experience during use. Embedded in very different areas of universal everyday activities, the four bags, in addition to their individuality in material composition, dimensions, shape, and colour, also demonstrate different ways of attachment to the body, whereby the conventional limits of the term "bag" are challenged.