careA - Radical Circularity

An OpenSource and L-Tech Hydroponic System

Catalina Gómez Alvarez

Einstein Center for Digital Future

September / September - 2022

Universität der Künste Berlin

Bachelor of Arts


“CareA” is an open source project: Building instructions, a herbarium, and all 3D models can be downloaded on an open source basis. CareA is a plant watering system that can be assembled from inexpensive and almost universally accessible materials, such as yoghurt buckets, tomato cans and canvas bags. The 3D-printed, connecting parts made of recycled PLA turn the recycled individual parts into a complete system. Thanks to a greatly simplified, electricity-free drip system, the water remains in a cycle and only needs to be changed again after three to four weeks, which saves water. A herbarium of local herbs is intended to revive folk knowledge which has almost been forgotten from monastery healing gardens or other local sources, and to strengthen awareness of our own bodies and the nature that surrounds us. Nature acts as an extension of our bodies and boosts us with necessary ingredients.