CAPTin Kiel

Simeon Ortmüller, Vincent Steinhart-Besser, Yigang Shen, Jingyue Chen, Tobias Gehrke (bei Prof. Detlef Rhein)

Februar / February - 2019

Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel


"CAPTin Kiel" stands for Clean Autonomous Public Transport in Kiel. The project deals with the development of an autonomous mobility chain through the combination of clean bus and ferry traffic. At the same time, leitmotifs for intelligent mobility and a new landmark for Kiel were developed.

What is the Topic?

What does the future of public transport on the Kiel Fjord look like? Kiel is growing and mobility in the city needs attractive offers to make car abandonment easier and achieve the ambitious climate goals. It is obvious that the ferry traffic connects the west and east shores over a longer period of time per day and in closer frequency. In this context the connections to the bus traffic play a central role. Within the project framework, two different concepts have been designed with the names "Floating Platform" and "Passage".

Why does it look like this?

The goal of the project "CAPTin Kiel" is to develop a new type of ferry. It is not just the existing diesel ferry on the Kiel fjord replaced by an electric version, but exhausted the full potential of the new technologies. The goal of the passenger cabins also to allow a great overview of the fjord is achieved by generous window areas.

What is special?

Clean ferry traffic on the water is an important step in the energy balance of the city of Kiel. The exhaustion of these new technologies can have a positive impact on future shipbuilding. The ferries form a new landmark and are a demonstrator for the city's ambitious climate goals. The better connection of east and west bank each other influence the cityscape in the long term. The east bank, currently dominated by resident companies and the University of Applied Sciences Kiel, can be opened up in a completely new way. The good connection to the existing public transport also encourages to renounce the car or even use the bike.

What is new?

Autonomous driving enables new ways of thinking, such as significantly higher timing and 24/7 operation, as needed. With such new technologies, it is necessary to explain the unknown functions in order to create and convey understanding, trust and a sense of security. The "Floating Platform" communicates this live, via a map view of the Kiel Fjord with all the means of transport on the water and the routes to be traveled. The "Passage" concept, in turn, provides an insight into autonomous driving via an "augmented reality" view on the front window, through which the route and all participants are presented.